Our Top Flight

Film producers, industry professionals, scholars, and production personnel.

The Personal Imaging Revolution

Pixel Nation follows the evolution of the snapshot from a simple memory maker to a powerful communication tool affecting social and political change.

On Location

We are filming around the world documenting the people and events that are creating the  digital imaging revolution.

Pixel Nation is a production of Third Wave Films.  For information contact info@thirdwavefilms.com

  • Tom Garber, Executive Producer

    Mr. Garber has produced, written, and directed ten documentaries that have aired on PBS and The Discovery Channel.


    Mr. Garber is passionate about stories that provide inspiration and motivation for the human spirit.  His themes often cover ordinary people achieving the extraordinary.  Through a depth of research, compelling visuals, and dramatic pacing Mr. Garber’s films always leaves the viewer enlightened and engaged.


    The awards Mr. Garber's films have received include an Emmy Nomination, a Bronze Telly, Silver and Platinum REMIs,Gold and Silver Medals from the Charleston and Houston International Film Festivals, and official selections at The Hamptons Take 2 Film Festival, Indy Fest, and Long Island Film Festival.


    Mr. Garber’s films have been underwritten by The United States Department of the Interior, New York State Office of Parks and Historic Preservation, and The New York City Office of Economic Development, The National Endowment for the Humanities, and a multitude of private foundations and corporations.


  • Adam Hirshfield, Co-Executive Producer

    Mr. Hirshfield, is an entertainment lawyer who brings a wealth of experience and contacts to the project. He has negotiated agreements with major media companies, including IFC, Discovery Communications, A&E, National Geographic Television, Fox and, NBC.

  • Marvin Heiferman, Story Consultant

    Marvin Heiferman is author of Photography Changes Everything (2012), which features interdisciplinary texts on photography’s active role in shaping memory, history, and experience based on an encyclopedic online project (2008-2011) he organized for the Smithsonian. He is a core faculty member in the International Center of Photography/Bard College MFA Program in Advanced Photographic Studies, and teaches in the School of Visual Art’s MFA Program in Photography, Video and Related Media.

  • Nancy Martha West, Story Consultant

    Ms. West is author of the book, Kodak and the Lens of Nostalgia, which shows how the advertising campaigns launched by Kodak stood at the center of a shift in American domestic life that went deeper than technological innovations in cameras and film. Ms. West is a Professor at the University of Missouri Department of English.

  • Doron Schlair, Cinematography

    Like Pixel Nation’s subject matter, Shlair’s career has encompassed the film to digital revolution in documentary flmmaking. He carries a strong sensibility on how to visually treat this narrative through his work with clients such as:

    The Discovery Channel, The National Geographic Channel, The History Channel, Channel 4 UK